Cookie – vermittelt

Rasse: Dackel?-Mix
Geschlecht: männlich/kastriert
Alter: geb. Mai 2016
Schulterhöhe: circa 35-40 cm
Im Tierheim seit: 4.11.17


Cookie kam am vergangenen Samstag mit Kumpel Barut zu uns. Er ist sehr lieb, geht gerne spazieren und kuschelt sich gerne ganz eng an seine Menschen. Mit anderen Hunden ist er sehr gut verträglich!

History: COCKIE is another case of being dumped. He appeared in the shelter area with his friend (Barut). We believe they were dumped from a nearby town as this is a regular occurance. We do not know her background at all
Description : Cockie is a cheerful and well mannered dog. A little bit of tender loving care would gain his trust immediately. He is social with his mates. He loves swimming, enjoys being walked on the leash. And he is a very cute dog. We believe he could be a very good family dog because he is also very responsive.

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